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Managers With Emotional Intelligence Hear the Whole Message

Managers With Emotional Intelligence Hear the Whole Message

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Have you ever known a manager who had poorly developed emotional intelligence? This manager has difficulty understanding the emotions that are communicated in every message by employees. A manager with a low EI capacity is also ineffective at understanding and expressing his or her own emotions.

But, the primary problem is the manager's inability to realize and understand the impact of his or her actions and statements on coworkers in the workplace. A second major problem for a low EI manager is that a coworker or reporting staff member who has highly developed emotional intelligence, can play the low EI manager like a fine tuned violin – for better, and for worst.

In its simplest form, emotional intelligence is the capacity to perceive, evaluate, understand, and control emotions in oneself and in other people. Emotional intelligence was popularized by Daniel Goleman in his book, Emotional Intelligence, but it has a deeper foundation in psychology.

Find out how you can recognize emotional intelligence when you see it and how an individual can more fully develop his or her ability to use emotional intelligence.

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Also Known As: EI, Emotional quotient (EQ), Emotional IQ

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