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360 Degree Feedback Process

360 degree, or multirater, feedback is important as part of a performance management system. It provides employees with performance feedback from supervisors, co-workers, peers, customers, and reporting staff. The performance feedback is usually part of a developmental plan.

360 Degree Feedback: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
360 feedback is a process that provides each employee with the opportunity to receive performance feedback from coworkers. See what 360 accomplishes and its good, bad, and ugly sides. You can offer an effective process with these tips.

Sample Questions for 360 Reviews
These questions will help you structure a 360 review so that you receive the feedback you need to help employees improve their performance.

More Sample Questions for 360 Reviews
Do you need more sample questions that you can use to obtain feedback for your reporting employees' 360 reviews? These questions cover additional attributes and traits.

The Great Debates About 360 Degree Feedback
Decisions that you make about how to administer your 360 degree feedback process will make it successful in your organization - or not. Find out more.

Goals of the 360 Degree Feedback Process
Join the great debates about 360 degree feedback. Find out more about the pros and cons of the various facets of 360 degree feedback. This article considers your organization's goals in offering a 360 degree feedback process. Learn more about 360 degree feedback goals.

Recommended Methods for Your 360 Degree Feedback Process
How you approach, communicate, and administer your 360 feedback process can make all of the difference in its success. The methods you use empower employee improvement or cause dysfunctional organization behavior. Find out more.

Best Practices in a 360 Review
Are you interested in how to most effectively and successfully ask for and provide 360 review feedback for a coworker? Here's how. Find sample questions and more.

Outcomes From Your 360 Degree Feedback Process
The outcomes you experience from your 360 degree feedback process are dependent on the decisions you make about the goals you want to achieve. The most important outcome of the 360 degree feedback process is personal and career development for the staff person whose skills and performance are rated. And, these decisions have sparked more debate...

The Case for Web-based 360 Degree Feedback
Several approaches to the actual 360 degree feedback instrument are currently used. Some organizations develop their own 360 degree feedback instrument based on competencies, requirements, and other specific actions desired from employees in the organization. Other organizations use off-the-shelf products for 360 degree feedback including paper...

Are You Ready for 360?
Is your organization ready to make the commitment necessary for effective 360 feedback? Genene Koebelin looks at the most important aspects of integration including whether 360 supports the mission and vision

How to Respond to a Request for Feedback for a 360 Review
Want to know how to respond to a manager's request for feedback for a 360 review? How you respond can make all the difference in a manager's ability to provide effective feedback for improvement. Find out how.

What Is a 360 Review?
Want to understand more about what a 360 review is and how it can help your organization improve? Here are the basics about 360 feedback where employees offer observations about coworkers' work and work relationships.

Evaluating 360 Options
N. Elizabeth Fried compares features among several software 360 degree feedback products.

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