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First Time Here? Directory to the Site
Start here to learn about all of the information, opinion pieces, articles, links, samples and tools on the Human Resources management site.

Human Resources Basic Information - FAQ
Considering a career in Human Resources? Looking for basic information about Human Resources? Thinking of changing careers? Need career development and career education information? Look here for career information and for available jobs in the field. Get an HR occupational outlook. Make this your first stop for Human Resource management and Human Resource career development.

Navigation to New and Overview Content
Start here to find your way to the newest content on the Human Resources site. Visit the site map or directory to access all available topics. Visit the FAQ for Human Resources basics. Learn all about the site - what's here and where.

Performance Management and Development
Managers cite performance appraisals or annual reviews as one of their most disliked tasks. Performance management eliminates the performance appraisal or annual review as the focus and concentrates on the entire spectrum of performance management and development issues including employee performance development, training, cross-training, challenging assignments, and regular performance feedback.

Employee morale, motivation, and recognition are explored in these links. What creates motivated, contributing people? How do you maintain high employee morale when people work long hours? How does your recognition system contribute to or deflate motivation and morale? Answers are here.

Job Search Help and Opportunities
Job Opportunities sites are the best sites on the Web for Human Resources job openings, career development paths and means, salary ranges, position responsibilities, job hunting essentials, executive search, and more. Boost your own career or locate staff by exploring these job sites.

Education, Training, and Development
Want to know more about training, education, development, facilitation, and performance improvement? Your Guide provides information about training, education, development, facilitation, and performance improvement.

Policies, Handbooks, and Procedures
Policies, handbooks, and procedures provide guidance from human resources for the fair and consistent treatment of staff. They are most useful when applied as guidelines rather than as unchangeable rules and laws. Find examples here which will guide the development of your own human resources policies, guidelines, handbooks, and procedures.

Recruiting, Staffing, Retention
In employee recruiting, testing, and staffing, pick the smartest person you can find. For employee retention, establish clear goals with measures so the individual can succeed. Retention of your best employees starts with your recruitment and staffing strategies. Recruiting, testing, selection, staffing and retention are the focus of these sites.

Strategic Partnership and Management
The HR function is striving to become a partner in accomplishing the business plans of the organization. These links help the HR professional move into the strategic future in partnership, planning, and technology.

Management and Leadership Issues
Solid information for the HR professional about management and leadership is found at these sites. Whether you seek input to further your own skills or insight into working well with line managers, you'll find the information here.

Coaching/Mentoring/Knowledge Sharing
Coaching, mentoring, and knowledge sharing are important, current Human Resources topics. Find out how organizations are developing mentoring programs. Learn about the new role of the HR coach. This subject area offers information on development activities and interventions that will accelerate your career growth.

Salary - Benefits - Rewards/Recognition
Are your salary, benefits and bonus fair? Will your salary and benefits help you retain excellent staff? Will your pay package attract great candidates? What opportunities exist for increasing benefits at reasonable cost? How can you provide rewards and recognition for positive performance? These resources answer these questions about salary, benefits, rewards, and recognition.

Stress Break Features Humor/Inspiration
Stress Break features humor, inspiration, self/people understanding, fun things, games to play, toys, and other opportunities to take a break from your HR grind work. You'll love having these at your fingertips, and want to share them with your coworkers. Enjoy!

Organization Development and Change
All aspects of organization development and change management are linked in these resources. They access information about group facilitation, culture change, consulting, managing change, planned change, and leading edge topics such as emotional intelligence and large group processes. Check here for the best organization development and change management resources.

Teambuilding - Employee Empowerment - EI
Employee involvement, teams, and employee empowerment enable people to make decisions about their work. This employee involvement, teambuilding approach, and employee empowerment increases loyalty and fosters ownership. These links tell you how to do team building and effectively involve people.

Relationships With People and Customers
Want to work more effectively with people at work? Whether your relationship is with your supervisor, manager, customer or co-worker, you want to make your work relationships positive, supportive, and empowering. Get relationship advice, relationship improvement ideas and relationship problem solving from these resources.

Communication, Newsletter, Presentations
Links to resources that will assist you to communicate more effectively with employees, service providers, vendors, and customers. Resources include interpersonal communication, newsletters, and conflict resolution.

Diversity Issues
Diversity issues related to race, gender, age, disabilities, religion, job title, physical appearance, sexual orientation, nationality, multiculturism, competency, training, experience, and personal habits are explored in these links. The bias is toward valuing diversity.

Small Business Related
Small businesses face special challenges as they grow their sales and need people to help them manage their growth and success. These sites focus on information the small business person can use as your human resources related needs and interests grow.

Career Development/Education/Planning
What can you do to build your career? To attain all that you want from work and life? Retain your best employees when you help them get what they want from work. These sites provide career builder ideas, career education, career planning, career search, career counseling, career development, and career opportunity information for you and your staff.

Labor and Industrial Relations
Labor Relations links explore such topics as management-union relationships, remaining non-union, collective bargaining, the potential contribution of a union representative, the advantages of a represented work place and grievances. Emphasis is placed on sites that focus on building an effective partnership among all parties.

Human Resources Associations
These Human Resources professional associations and Human Resource organization Websites are often rich with Human Resource management, training, and employee related information. Many Human Resources sites require membership in the Human Resource association to access the most comprehensive information.

Resources and Mailing Lists
HR resources include Web sites, mailing lists, discussion groups, instruments, tools, surveys, activities, sample forms and documents, ice-breakers, activities, Internet resources and assessments for the human resources professional. They aid the Human Resource professional in his knowledge about the field. Check out the best resources!

Employment Law, Employee Relations, Gov
The importance of the role of the Human Resource professional in understanding and interpreting legal decisions and legislation is fundamental in our increasingly litigious society. Find the best sources for human resources legal, state and federal governmental information, and court decisions here.

Books, Book Reviews, Publications
Human Resources books, book reviews, magazines, publications, recommendations, newsletters, bookstores, journals, publishers, e-zines, online magazines and newsletters, and email newsletters are listed here. You'll also find links to book reviews. Visit this ever-changing resource.

Schools, Education, and Certifications
What education and credentials will serve you best as you embark upon or enhance your Human Resources career? Learn about undergraduate and graduate programs in the field. Arm yourself with the advice and information needed to succeed in school. Find out about Human Resources and other career-oriented certifications such as the SPHR and the PHR. Propel your career success.

Safety, Health, Wellness, Organization
Safety is one of the most pressing concerns of employees in organizations. Your HR Guide provides links to sites that help minimize their concern about safety and workplace violence. They emphasize the growing interest in health, wellness, workplace organization, and disease prevention. Visit often to provide a well-managed, effective safety program!

Work, Life, Family Issues and Resources
Is balancing work, life, and family a priority for you? These resources will assist the HR professional to balance work, life, and family issues, needs, and concerns. They will help you help others in your organization and serve as referral resources.

Benefits Roundup
Resources to use in planning, implementing, and redesigning compensation and benefit systems. Links emphasize new ways of thinking about compensation and benefits.

The Case Against Performance Appraisal
Traditional performance appraisal or performance evaluation, as practiced in many organizations, is an annual assault. Learn more about why employees and managers universally dislike the traditional performance appraisal system.

Coaching, one of the newer areas of consulting, involves working with individuals and groups to help them achieve personal and professional fulfillment with the assistance of a coach. These coaching resources will help you find out about coaching and becoming a coach.

Change Management
Change management challenges organizations to succeed during times of great change. Learn how to successfully plan, implement, communicate, create employee involvement and commitment, and measurement systems during change. Change management central is here.

Conflict Resolution/Controversy Mgmt.
Communication both breeds and resolves conflict and controversy. Learn how to effectively resolve conflict and manage organizational controversy.

Consulting Humor
It really helps to be able to laugh at yourself in this profession, and to help our clients see the humor in some of their situations. Here are links to stories, cartoons and other humorous takes on our business.

Consulting Job Opportunities
Are you a consultant looking for online opportunities? Or, are you an HR professional thinking about consulting? These sites will help you see what's available in the freelance world.

Dealing With Bad, Ineffective Managers
Can't stand your job because of your bad boss? Bad and ineffective managers exist in every organization. The worst managers fail to trust employees, don't respect employees, and intimidate employees. Find out how to understand and deal with bad managers and bosses here.

Progressive Discipline
Progressive discipline is a process for dealing with job-related behavior that does not meet expected and communicated performance standards. The primary purpose for progressive discipline is to assist the employee to understand that a performance problem or opportunity for improvement exists. Find out more about progressive discipline.

Education Online - No Cost or Low Cost
These sites offer free or low cost classes - education online and training online in most areas of work related training and education needs. You'll be amazed at the free or low cost education and training available online.

E-Learning - Training
The site offers the best of the Web for e-learning solutions in employee training, development, performance improvement, and education. E-learning brings you resources in online education, email training, Web Based Training (WBT), online learning, teleclass training, chat room training, and more.

Employee Satisfaction Surveys
Employee satisfaction surveys help employers measure and understand their employees' attitude, opinions, motivation, and satisfaction.

Executive Search
Executive search and recruiting are a unique field in the consulting profession. These sites will help you identify resources on the Web for working with both clients and job seekers

Games, Pastimes, Diversions
Have a little bit of time you'd like to spend exercising your brain muscles, enjoying a game, or whiling away hours in thoughtful or senseless activity? Take a look at the games, diversions, pastimes, and puzzles these sites offer. For break, lunch or the weekend, keep stress in control.

Glossaries of Human Resources Terms
Human resources glossaries emphasize human resources terminology. Each glossary emphasizes a human resources related topic including development, labor relations, benefits, and more.

Handbooks and Policy Manuals Samples
Sample and example policy manuals and employee handbooks will help you write your own policy manual or employee handbook. Look here for ideas.

Headhunter, Recruiters, Executive Search
Looking for a headhunter, recruiter, executive search firm, executive recruiter, recruiting services, or a recruitment agency? Whether you're recruiting employees or seeking help to find a new job, these headhunters, recruiters, executive search firms, executive recruiters and recruiting services will help.

Human Resources Related Associations
Listings of Human Resources professional associations and Human Resource organizations. These associations cover the entire field of Human Resources and do not specialize.

Icebreakers, Energizers, and Activities
Icebreakers, energizers, and activities heighten the effectiveness of training sessions when targeted to the training, speaking, or facilitation topic and the needs of the learners or participants. Check here for the best on the Web.

Interpersonal Communication
Face-to-face or person-to-person interpersonal communication is the most frequent communicating most people do at work. Learn how to communicate well.

Job Descriptions - Free Samples/Examples
Sample job descriptions are popular with readers. This information will help you develop effective job descriptions. Sample and example free job descriptions are also linked for your convenience.

Job Search Boards and Sites
These job listing sites help job seekers find work and employers find talent. Post an opening; apply for a job. I've located the best on the Web for the HR professional.

Layoffs and Downsizing Strategies
Your organization is either thinking about or has initiated layoffs, downsizing, rightsizing, staff cuts, or managed redundancy. Whatever you call it, these strategies for layoffs and downsizing will minimize the damage to those employees you lay off and the layoff survivors who remain.

Manager's Role in Successful Motivation
The manager plays the most important role in creating a high morale and motivational business workplace. Learn more about the manager's role in a workplace that fosters high employee morale and motivation.

Managing Day-to-Day Employee Performance
Managing employee performance every day is the key to an effective performance management system. Setting goals, making sure your expectations are clear, and providing frequent feedback help people perform most effectively. Learn more about managing performance.

Meeting Management
Ineffective meetings use critical resources, sap organizational energy and movement, and affect employee morale. Find out how to make your meetings work for you.

New Articles and Site Recommendations
Take a look to see what's new, interesting, and exciting at the About HR site. All new articles and site recommendations about human resources management, performance management, employee motivation, employee development, jobs, software, consulting, forms, training, policy and procedures, outsourcing, and more, are here.

News and Up-to-the Minute HR Stories
Keep current with timely Human Resources news and information. These sites represent the best of the Human Resources news sources on the Web. Breaking news; court decisions affecting HR and people in organizations; governmental decisions, research findings; and key appointments can all be found here. Stay up-to-date by returning here often!

Newsletters and Written Communication
One of the most effective methods for communicating at work is to use written content in newsletters, publications, memos, bulletin boards, white boards, and handbooks. Make your written communication stand out and accomplish shared meaning!

Organization Development
Change management and organization development knowledge and information are critical success factors for business and management leaders and managers. Look here for the best sites that emphasize change management and organization development.

Orientation of New Employees
New employee orientation effectively integrates the new employee into your organization and assists with retention, motivation, job satisfaction, and quickly enabling each individual to become contributing members of the work team.

Performance Goal Setting and Measurement
People like to know how they are performing. You can develop an effective performance goal setting and performance measurement system that gives them this information. Find out how to establish performance goal setting and performance measurement systems in your organization.

Personality Tests, Quizzes, and Profiles
Interested in gaining insight into any aspect of your work, business, management, leadership, or career style? Take these personality tests, quizzes, and profiles for insight, thoughtful consideration, career education, and just plain fun and enjoyment.

Policy Samples and Examples
Policy, procedures, and standards samples and examples to help you write and develop fair, consistent policies standards, and procedures for staff guidance and fair treatment.

Project Management
Project management skills are essential to productivity and a sense of accomplishment. These links will lead you to some of the best sites on the Web with information about project management.

Recruiting - Employee Recruitment
You are recruiting the best employees for your organization's needs. You want talented employees who fit your culture. Your recruitment strategies are critical in attracting these people. Learn more about effective recruiting.

Retention of Employees: Tips and Tools
Retention of excellent employees is one of the most important challenges in organizations today. Use these tips, articles, tools and ideas to learn employee retention strategies that will help you retain your best staff.

Retirement Resources: 401(k) Plans, More
Interested in your retirement planning and savings options? Look here for information about 401(k) plans, retirement calculators, pensions, social security, cash balance retirement plans, IRAs, Roths, annuities, government resources, estate planning, investments, and more

Rewards, Recognition, Awards, Thank You
Looking for ideas about rewarding, recognizing, and thanking employees? Look no further. Ideas for employee reward, recognition, and thanks are here. Your only limit is your imagination.

Special Reports About Topical HR Issues
Looking for consolidated resources and special reports about issues important to Human Resources professionals? These special reports focus on a single topical HR area and feature resources from About and Primedia. So far, performance management, motivation and morale, recruiting and retention, training, and more.

Strategic Planning Resources
The areas of business planning, human resources planning, and strategic planning and performance measurement are outgrowths of the desire of managers, stakeholders and stockholders for direction and accountability. These strategic planning sites bring excellent resources to the strategic planning effort.

Stress Management and Time Management
Stress management and time management, one of the most important stressors at work, can be learned. Use these links to learn about work stress, stress management, stress relief, stress reduction, the symptoms of stress, and time management to reduce and relieve stress.

Succession Planning Resources
Succession planning enables your organization to identify talented employees and provide education to develop them for future higher level and broader responsibilities. Succession planning helps you "build bench strength". Succession planning helps you decide where people belong on the bus. Find out more.

Technology, HRIS, HRMS
Technology is transforming the work of the Human Resources professional. Check these links for the best ideas in technology application and use. Look for productivity boosting strategies. You'll also find key ideas in understanding technology's impact on work and people.

360 Degree Feedback Process
360 degree, or multirater, feedback is important as part of a performance management system. It provides employees with performance feedback from supervisors, co-workers, peers, customers, and reporting staff. The performance feedback is usually part of a developmental plan.

Top Picks
Recommendations for favorite products and books made by your HR Guide. You'll want to use this information to make buying decisions. Save money and time.

Training Discussion Lists, Newsletters
Training discussion lists, training newsletters, training professional associations, training and seminar schedules and locators, and other training resources are provided.

Training Evaluation and Assessment
How effective is your training? Do your trainees learn from your sessions? What forms do you use for evaluation? Find this and more about training evaluation, training assessment, and training feedback.

Training Theory and Practice in General
Want to learn about education and training theory and practice for adults and workers from some of the best articles and websites about management education, training and development theory and practice online? Start here.

Training Tips and Tools
Training tips and tools will help your training sessions hold interest, capture imagination, and help employees learn. These training tips and tools will make your eduction sessions and workshops memorable.

Training Transfer and Behavior Change
The biggest challenge in training is the transfer of the skills and information learned in the training to the work place. These tips and tools for before, during, and after the training session will increase training transfer, the use of training content at work.

Future Education and Training Trends
Interested in what trends exist in education and training for the decade? Take a look at these resources for some expert predictions about future trands in education and training.

Work, Business, Management Holiday Humor
Holiday humor, fun, jokes, and games about work, business, management, human resources, and consulting.

Product Reviews
Detailed information about products and books recommended for the human resources professional.

Business Ethics
Human Resources professionals face business ethics choices and their consequences daily. These business ethics sites enhance your understanding of business ethics.

Customer Service
Effective customer service and customer relationship management, to both your internal and external customers, will cause your Human Resources department to be viewed as a strategic partner to management and staff. Your organization is more likely to use your services when you offer effective customer service and customer service training.

Leadership Development
The Human Resources professional has the opportunity to lead and impact the leadership skills of others. Use these sites to further develop leadership skills.

Presentations, Speaking to Groups
Most HR staff members speak frequently to groups. Use these sites to further develop your speaking and presenting skills. Make a splash on stage!

General Business/Management Publications
Business, management, and supervision related magazines, publications, newsletters, bookstores, publishers, catalogs of information, e-zines, online magazines and newsletters, and email newsletters are listed here. You'll also find links to book reviews. Visit this ever-changing resource!

Training Related Publications
Training related magazines, publications, newsletters, bookstores, publishers, catalogs of information, e-zines, online magazines and newsletters, and email newsletters are listed here. You'll also find links to book reviews. Visit this comprehensive resource!

Conferences, Events, Training, Trainers
Conferences, events, seminars, trainers and training sessions of interest to Human Resources professionals and line management.

Human Resources Consulting
Working in the field of human resources is a major focus of many consultants. Using these links will be beneficial to all of us working in this challenging area.

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