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Your Image Is You - Human Resources - About.com
Want to know the first steps in creating a professional image at work? Your appearance and how you communicate are the first factors people evaluate.
Create Work Success and Succeed at Work - Human Resources
Your communication and the image you present create the first impression - often the lasting impression - on the people you meet. Want a more professional ...
Business Formal Dress Code Photos - Human Resources - About.com
Also, it is important to keep in mind that maintaining a professional image in a formal business environment always includes dressing appropriately for the ...
Present a Professional Image - Small Business Canada - About.com
Audrey Field provides tips for ensuring that your small or home-based business presents a professional image at all times, including how to handle phone calls ...
How to Take and Choose a Professional Photo for LinkedIn
How to choose a professional photo to use in your LinkedIn profile including what to wear, how to take the photo and how to get noticed on LinkedIn.
Business Image - Presenting a Trustworthy Image
Most business people know this, and go to great lengths to make sure that they're professionally groomed and dressed. But your business image isn't just ...
Looking Like You Mean Business - Sales - About.com
Selling to farmers and selling to bankers requires entirely different approaches to building your professional image. Most customers will respond best to standard ...
7 Ways to Sabotage Your Legal Career - Legal Careers - About.com
Legal circles are small and gossip travels quickly and can damage your professional image. Talking negatively about former employers or co-workers in ...
Guide to Business Casual Dress Code
Yet, we still need our employees to project a professional image for our customers, potential employees, and community visitors. Business casual dress is the ...
Business Image - Small Business Canada - About.com
Learn how to present the kind of professional image that will attract customers and clients with these articles on how to create and maintain a positive business  ...
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