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What Should Employers Keep in Employee Personnel File?
The employer has good reasons to keep several personnel files - some legal and some for employment best practices purposes. Documentation is needed so ...
What Belongs in an Employee Personnel File? - Human Resources
Of all the company-kept employee files, the employee personnel file is most frequently accessed day-to-day for information by the employer, supervisor, ...
Personnel Files: Overview and Definition - Human Resources
Want to know about employee personnel files? Here's a definition, overview, and an explanation about why an employer maintains employee information.
Sample Personnel File Policy - Human Resources - About.com
Do you need a simple, sample personnel file policy? This policy recommends separate files for some employee information and provides access permissions.
What Employers Should Not Keep in Personnel Records
Do you know which documents do not belong in your personnel files? Here's a list of the types of documents to avoid placing in employee files.
Medical File Contents - Human Resources - About.com
Access to employee medical files is restricted to Human Resources staff. ... Additional documents related to personnel files are available. Personnel File ...
Payroll File Contents - Human Resources - About.com
Additional documents related to personnel files are available. ... Also Known As: employee files, employee records, human resources files, documentation ...
Personnel File Access Policy and Links to Samples
Personnel files must be reviewed in the presence of a Human Resources staff person. No part of the personnel file may be removed from the office by the ...
Personnel Records - Personnel Records - Human Resources
Personnel records range from employee recognition letters to job applications to personnel files. Personnel records provide a paper trail of an employee's ...
I-9 File Contents - Human Resources - About.com
If government employees inspect your I-9 forms, you do not want to allow them access to your employees' private personnel files and the confidential information  ...
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