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12 Tips to Ensure Effective Meetings - Human Resources - About.com
Spend lots of time in meetings? If so, you're not alone. People spend so much time in meetings that turning meeting time into results is a priority.
Deal With Competing Conversations in Meetings - Human Resources
Want to develop effective working relationships with people in meetings at work? When participants in a business meeting interact effectively, the meetings are ...
Business Meetings: The 10 Characters You'll Meet
Want to know more about how to deal with the crazy cast of characters you'll find in your business meetings? Learn more about ten dysfunctional characters.
Online A.A. Meetings - Alcoholism - About.com
The schedule of real-time Alcoholic Anonymous chat meetings at StepChat.com. These are the chat rooms that previously were here at the About.com ...
Find a Support Group Meeting - Alcoholism - About.com
Find recovery support group meetings online or off.
A.A. Meetings - Locate Alcoholic Anonymous Meetings - Alcoholism
Lists of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings organized by state.
Narcotics Anonymous Meetings - Alcoholism - About.com
Find schedules and contact information for Narcotics Anonymous meetings.
Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings by State - Alcoholism - About.com
Nov 28, 2014 ... You can find open and closed meetings and central office numbers where you can get more information. If you a looking for online meetings ...
Narcotics Anonymous Meetings - State by State Schedules
Sep 21, 2013 ... The definitive source for finding lists of face-to-face Narcotics Anonymous meetings on the net.
How Do 12 Step Meetings Work? - Alcoholism - About.com
Nov 28, 2014 ... Those who have never attended a 12-step meeting have some misconceptions about how the meetings actually work. Barb M., a long-time ...
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