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What Is a Human Resource? (Definition) - Human Resources
A human resource is a person or employee who staffs and operates a function within your organization. Read the definition of a Human Resource.
What Are Human Resources? - About.com
What are Human Resources, an organization's most important asset? Find out more in this definition of Human Resources and learn their value to you.
What Is Human Resource Management? - Human Resources
Want to know what Human Resources management is? Learn also what HR staff are ... Definition of Human Resource Management. By Susan M. Heathfield.
What Is the Human Resource Department? - Human Resources
Want to know what a Human Resources department is and what the department does? Here's the ... Definition of the Human Resource Department. By Susan M.
Quality: Definition for the Human Resources Dictionary
Definition of quality for the human resources glossary of human resources related terms.
Human Resources, Employment, and Management Dictionary
Need to know the meaning of words related to Human Resources, employment, or management? The definitions in this dictionary tell you what you need to ...
Definition of Job Descriptions - Human Resources - About.com
Need to know what's needed for an effective job description? They define an employee's role and responsibilities and provide clear direction.
What Is Culture? - Definition in Human Resources
Want a solid definition of what employees are talking about when they discuss your workplace culture? Culture is the work environment that you supply for ...
Compensation - Definition and Inclusions - Human Resources
Compensation is the total amount of the monetary and non-monetary pay provided to an employee by an employer in return for work performed as required .
Salary - Definition of Human Resources Terms
Want to know more about the concept of salary? It's a critical component in the employment relationship shared by employers and employees. Find out more.
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