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Provide Feedback That Has an Impact
Want to know how to provide feedback that has an impact with employees? Choose your words and approach carefully to avoid a defensive response. Find out ...
Receiving Feedback With Grace and Dignity - Human Resources
Interested in hearing about how others view your work? Make it easy for them to tell you. If they think you'll appreciatively consider their feedback, you'll get lots ...
Ban the Feedback Sandwich - Human Resources - About.com
Do you use the feedback sandwich when you give employees feedback? It's certainly commonly recommended and used. But, the feedback sandwich may not ...
How to Respond to a Request for Feedback for a 360 Review
Have you been asked to provide 360 degree feedback for another employee? When a manager provides feedback in a 360 review, your coworkers can benefit  ...
Goals of the 360 Degree Feedback Process - Human Resources
Join the great debates about 360 degree feedback. Find out more about the pros and cons of the various facets of 360 degree feedback. This article considers ...
Giving Positive Feedback - Office Management Skills
How to give positive feedback describes the steps to motivate employees through public recognition of their successes.
How to Give Negative Feedback Properly - Management - About.com
When you need to give negative feedback, here are the things to remember.
Definition and Examples of Feedback in Communication Studies
In communication studies, feedback is the response of an audience to a message or activity.
360 Degree Feedback - About the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
360 degree feedback is a process that gives employees performance feedback from coworkers. Learn more about the good contributions of 360 feedback.
How to Provide Feedback to Unsuccessful Job Candidates
Do you want to provide constructive feedback to your unsuccessful job candidates when they ask for it? You're not obligated to, but it is gracious and kind.
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