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Types of Termination of Employment - Human Resources - About.com
Interested in employment termination? Employees land in hot water for many reasons, but, termination is a serious action that requires a documented process.
Checklist for an Employment Termination Meeting - Human Resources
Need to know what to do when an employment termination occurs? No matter the reason, employers need to follow certain steps. Here's what you need to do.
Wrongful Termination or Dismissal of Employment Is Illegal
This allows the employee to save face, make excuses, and generally, deny responsibility for their ultimate employment termination. This leaves family members ...
Termination from Employment - Job Searching - About.com
Termination is when an employee's job ends. Here's information on voluntary and involuntary termination of employment.
Sample Termination Letters to End the Employment Relationship
Do you need sample termination letters to end your employment relationship with employees? These sample termination letters cover employment termination ...
Employment Terminations - How To Avoid Legal Problems
All employers need to be cognizant of possible discrimination claims arising from employment termination. To prevail, the former employee would have to prove ...
What to Do if an Employment Termination Looms - Human Resources
You can prepare yourself for your next layoff or employment termination. Here's how to see getting fired coming and what to do to prepare.
How to Fire an Employee - Legal and Ethical Termination
How you fire an employee sends a powerful message to your remaining staff - either positive or negative. Employment termination is the last step in an involved  ...
How to Fire an Employee With Compassion and Class
Because employment termination can take many forms, depending on the circumstances, we'll take a look at immediate termination for cause and termination for ...
Find a Letter of Termination for Cause
Your employment, as discussed during the termination meeting, is terminated because you told potential clients and purchasers of our products that you were a  ...
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