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Types of Termination of Employment - Human Resources - About.com
Interested in the ins and outs of employment termination? Employees land in hot water for many reasons, some inexplicable to employers; some predictable.
Employment Terminations - How To Avoid Legal Problems
Need tips about how to legally and ethically terminate an employee from their job ? Ask these questions to make sure that the termination is fair and supportable.
Checklist for an Employment Termination Meeting - Human Resources
Need to know what to do when an employment termination occurs? No matter the reason, employers need to follow certain steps. Here's what you need to do.
Termination from Employment - Job Searching - About.com
Termination is when an employee's job ends. Here's information on voluntary and involuntary termination of employment.
How to Fire an Employee With Compassion and Class
Managers cite firing employees as the job they most hate to do. Sometimes, however, terminating a staff person's employment is the best step to take for your  ...
Sample Termination Letters to End the Employment Relationship
Do you need sample termination letters to end your employment relationship with employees? These sample termination letters cover employment termination ...
How to Fire an Employee - Legal and Ethical Termination
How you fire an employee sends a powerful message to your remaining staff - either positive or negative. Employment termination is the last step in an involved  ...
Wrongful Termination or Dismissal of Employment Is Illegal
Avoid wrongful termination claims to uphold your reputation as an employer of choice, maintain trust and cohesion with your remaining employees following a ...
Write a Termination Letter to Fire an Employee - Human Resources
Need a sample termination letter? It confirms the details of an employee's firing and summarizes the information that the now former employee needs to know.
Employee Job Termination - Human Resources - About.com
But, employment also ends for more negative reasons such as layoffs, downsizing, job termination or firing. Whatever the reason for the employee's job  ...
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