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Articles related to employee data management

Human Resources Information System (HRIS)
Additionally, data necessary for employee management, knowledge development, career growth and development, and equal treatment is facilitated. Finally ...
How to Keep Company and Employee Information Safe
By using simple, effective internal threat management procedures, HR can help ... Be aware of where critical employee information and corporate data are ...
Employee Termination from an IT Perspective - Human Resources
Firing an employee can be a thankless job, but the IT department must help. ... Moreover, it is smart to conserve certain technological resources, data, and logs in ... consult with the employee's manager, HR, and other key decision-makers to  ...
Database Keys - About Databases
A better choice might be to use a unique employee ID number that you assign ... We also inform the database management system that the Department column ...
Protecting Client Data from Your Own Employees - Law - About.com
The greatest threat to client data sometimes comes from the firm's own employees. ... Employees having a discussion with manager in an office - ONOKY - Eric ...
Microsoft Access Fundamentals - About Databases
If you're searching for a more flexible data management system, a database might be ... The table above contains the employee information for our organization ...
Use an Applicant Tracking System for Candidate Data Management
Use an Applicant Tracking System for Candidate Data Management .... Employees having a discussion with manager in an office - ONOKY - Eric Herchaft/Brand.
The Human Resources Management System Solution (HRMS)
Of critical concern when embracing Web-based HRMS systems is security, especially with respect to safeguarding company data and employee privacy.
Three Steps to Creating a Document Management System
Browsing the Data Management articles on this site will get you started. ... Small businesses with colleagues or employees sharing the same computer network ...
Data Definition Language - Create, Use, Alter, Drop - About Databases
Installing a database management system (DBMS) on a computer allows you ... and want to issue some commands that will affect the employees database, we ...
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