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What Brings You Joy in the Workplace?

Sixteen Motivators


Experiencing Joy in the Workplace

Experiencing Joy in the Workplace

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What brings you great joy in the workplace? I know what brings me joy. Perhaps we share meaning about joyful events and circumstances in the workplace? I trust that in sharing mine, I remind you of yours. It's easy to get so bogged down in the day-to-day busy that we forget to cherish the best moments, those moments that provide the motivation necessary for continued contribution. What motivates the motivators? Here are mine. I feel joyful when:

  • I watch people grow and develop in their decision making and competence through coaching, classes and experience,
  • managers, clients and the CEO seek advice and counsel and trust my wisdom and experience to provide confident direction,
  • I hear another person's peal of laughter; I know we have staff members who feel joy at work, too,
  • I watch our staff greet every stranger with pleasure; temps and guests tell me they feel welcomed in our organization,
  • a selected job candidate accepts our offer with little negotiation and obvious joy; the candidates not selected cry and send followup notes for months,
  • we find four or five candidates we'd love to hire, who respond to our advertising of an open position,
  • the team pulls together and we set sales records for the month,
  • people ask intelligent questions at the company meetings and are genuinely interested in the response,
  • I walk through the company and people greet me with a smile at every turn; only a few have questions or complaints,
  • I accomplish a task or project that will actually result in progress for the company,
  • I counsel staff members about returning to school or pursuing training and degrees,
  • I watch a staff member perform with confidence in a situation that would have stumped her in earlier days,
  • people form friendships that assist the organization and add to their work motivation,
  • a staff member leaves our organization for a genuinely better opportunity,
  • we accomplish our business goals on time, and
  • I am privileged to work with other people who appear to experience great joy at work, too.

Motivation and joy are all around you if you take the time to get in touch with the events and circumstances that bring you joy. Feel the joy?

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