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Job Candidate Evaluation Form

Introduction to the Job Candidate Evaluation Form


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This form enables your staff members, who are participating in the interview process with a candidate, to assess the individual's qualifications. The format provides a method for comparing the interviewers' impressions of various candidates.

The questions also provide guidance about the type of skills and potential contributions the interviewers should be assessing in each candidate they interview. This format allows you to customize the questionnaire with any additional assessments you believe are necessary for the pertinent position.

Over time, you will want to develop customized questions for every position you commonly fill. Even in the short term, provide some guidance to the managers and other interviewers about which questions each interviewer is responsible for asking.

As an example, when hiring a salesperson, the hiring manager might have the responsibility to assess the individual's sales ability, his or her aggressiveness, and other specific work requirements. The Human Resources Director may want to assess the candidate's cultural fit with both questions and observations about how the candidate treated staff. A peer will want to know how the candidate works in a team environment, how the candidate handles rejection, how the candidate gets leads and how the person might fit as a coworker.

If you share questions and responsibility across interviewers, you will learn more about the candidate. You will discover whether the candidate "fits" your organization. The candidate will not experience the same interview questions repeatedly.

Take a look at the suggested format and remember that you can print out a printer-friendly copy by clicking the printer at the top of the link boxes to the right.

Find the start of the candidate evaluation form on page 2.

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