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Reference Checking Questions

Use This Reference Checking Format and Questions for Your Candidates


(Verify that the candidate’s reference checking permission signature is on your employment application before starting the interview.)


Reference Name:

Company Name:

Company Address:

Company Phone:

Dates of Employment: From:____________________ To:_____________________

Starting Position: ________________________ Ending: ___________________

Starting Salary: _________________________ Ending: ___________________

What does your company do?


Please describe your reporting relationship with the candidate? If none, in what capacity did you observe the candidate's work?


Reason for Leaving:


Please describe the key responsibilities of the candidate in his/her most recent position.


How many reporting staff did the candidate manage? Their roles?


Tell me about the candidate’s most important contributions to the achievement of your organization’s mission and goals.


Describe the candidate's relationships with his/her coworkers, reporting staff (if applicable), and supervisors.


Talk about the attitude and outlook the candidate brought to the workplace.


Describe the candidate's productivity, commitment to quality and customer orientation.


What are the candidate's most significant strengths?


What are the candidate's most significant weaknesses?


What is your overall assessment of the candidate?


We are hiring this candidate to (job title or quick description). Would you recommend him/her for this position? Why or why not?


Would you rehire this individual? Why or why not?


Are there additional comments you'd like to make? Is there a question I should ask that I may have missed?

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