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Delegation Isn't Dumping

Saturday October 29, 2011
Want more information about effective delegation? Delegation can be viewed as dumping by the employee who receives more work to do in response to his or her request for more ... Read More

Develop a Policy

Thursday October 27, 2011
Requests are running high for more policies and procedures, in case you wondered why I've written several in 2011. I also received several requests for employee handbook introductions and employee ... Read More

Resignation Letter Reality - Honesty?

Wednesday October 26, 2011
What can you hope to accomplish when you write a resignation letter to quit your job? My sample resignation letter prompted a thoughtful exchange with a reader. Your thoughts ... Read More

Say No Thanks - With Care

Wednesday October 26, 2011
George Lenard calls them "Dear John" letters. Job searchers call them, "thanks, but no thanks" letters. Many HR folks call them rejection letters. Whatever you call them, do write them. But, ... Read More

Need Quotes about Nonverbal Communication?

Tuesday October 25, 2011
Interested in quotes that you can use to inspire employees and generate discussion at meetings? I've developed a collection of quotes on the site that are useful for newsletters, wall ... Read More

Is HR Misunderstood - Or Do We Blow It?

Tuesday October 25, 2011
"I'm just a soul whose intentions are good" -- but, the most common emails I receive, and frequent posts in the HR Forum, too, describe a Human Resources horror story. ... Read More

Embrace Performance Management

Monday October 24, 2011
Want an alternative to traditional performance appraisals? This is a question I receive so often from readers that I decided to share my response. The work setting and the jobs ... Read More

What to Wear to Work

Monday October 24, 2011
Interested in what to wear to work? I have written many dress codes for workplaces over the past few years because I was regularly receiving questions about what to wear ... Read More

4 Ways Women Hold Themselves Back

Sunday October 23, 2011
Think that women need major career development opportunities, more education, and more skills to get ahead? Think again. Jill Flynn, Kathryn Heath, and Mary Davis Holt, nationally recognized experts on ... Read More

Not Sexy, But Handy: Use Job Specifications

Saturday October 22, 2011
I've been using job specifications for years; I just never called them that. Recent searches by readers on my site indicate that a lot of people work with job specifications ... Read More

Job Interviews Help Assess "Fit"

Friday October 21, 2011
The job interview is a powerful factor in the employee selection process in most organizations. The job interview remains key to assessing the candidate's cultural fit. The job interview remains ... Read More

How and Why Did You Pick HR?

Friday October 21, 2011
Everyone has a story about how they came to work in Human Resources management. And your stories are thoughtful and interesting. Consequently, with our new reader submission tool, one of ... Read More

A Fruit Bat in a Former Life...

Wednesday October 19, 2011
My colleague told me that he must have been a fruit bat as he served himself a second helping of fruit at the strategic planning offsite meeting. Others, who had visions ... Read More

Try Different Management Styles

Tuesday October 18, 2011
Working with employees is situational. So many factors have an impact on the appropriate management styles to use with a particular employee or team. Their experience, your relationship with them, ... Read More

Fight for What's Right: 10 Tips

Monday October 17, 2011
Need some good tips about conflict resolution? Someday, I will write a book about how to work with people at work. Because each of us spends so much time in ... Read More

Motivate Staff During Change

Monday October 17, 2011
In my experience of the world, every person is motivated. I have worked with an hourly employee who wrestles on weekends; he is motivated by the wrestling, not his job. ... Read More

How to Deal With a Bully

Sunday October 16, 2011
Lately, I've received a lot of reader stories about being bullied at work. I've wondered if the job market is causing people to stay at jobs that they would quit ... Read More

See Business, Management, and HR Videos

Saturday October 15, 2011
Do you like video? Sometimes, I feel like I'm living in the dark ages because I'm a hard sell on a lot of videos - yet I love movies. Go ... Read More

See a Sample Human Resources Generalist Job Description

Saturday October 15, 2011
In the past couple of years, I have hired or helped hire a Human Resources Director, two Human Resources Generalists, and three Human Resources Assistants. Probably not a lot of ... Read More

Needs Procedures - Maybe?

Friday October 14, 2011
Here's a periodic reader question about becoming effective quickly in a new job. I've shared my thoughts. Do you have any thoughts for this reader? Please comment. Reader Question: "After being ... Read More

Is HR Strategic - Or Not?

Tuesday October 11, 2011
One of my earlier blog posts, Still Hate HR?, is still regularly drawing comments from readers. JJ, a reader, posted this comment after reading through your comments on the post. ... Read More

Tips for Effective Coaching

Monday October 10, 2011
Have you experienced having a coach or being a coach? Executives, managers and others interested in career growth and development increasingly turn to business coaching or mentoring for a ... Read More

What Causes Employee Negativity?

Monday October 10, 2011
Recently, I received an IM from a friend. He has found a new job and was ushered out of his former workplace when he gave his two week's notice. He ... Read More

Ready to Quit Your Job?

Sunday October 9, 2011
Are you ready to quit your job? This past few years, I have frequently spoken with you about how to make your current job work since not everyone is able ... Read More

What Makes Your Good Boss - Good?

Sunday October 9, 2011
Bad boss stories and comments are perennial since almost all of us have had a bad boss at some time during our career. But, I also receive comments posted by ... Read More

Make a Job Offer

Saturday October 8, 2011
The job offer letter is provided to the candidate you have selected for your open position. More About How to Make a Job Offer 7 Critical Factors to Consider Before You Make ... Read More

Open Door Policy Gone Awry?

Saturday October 8, 2011
Open door policies and actual behavior in regard to company guidelines are a challenge. On the one hand, you want employees to feel comfortable talking with managers at any level in ... Read More

Value Our Differences

Friday October 7, 2011
Do you think about the differences between people? I do. Some jump into new situations and technology. Others, like me, read the directions, think about it, and make a plan. I ... Read More

Competition Breeds Conflict at Work

Thursday October 6, 2011
Interested in exploring a work situation in which one colleague views work as a competition? Exhausting, says my reader. Reader Question: I have a colleague who I have had to ... Read More

How to Create Team Norms

Wednesday October 5, 2011
Do you know how to do damage control with teams? Teams from two different clients approached me about how to do damage control with their teams recently. In one team, members ... Read More

Employee Complaints Are Gifts

Wednesday October 5, 2011
Are you interested in discovering your employees' most serious complaints? Knowing what makes employees unhappy is half the battle when you think about employee work satisfaction, morale, positive motivation, and ... Read More

Manager's Key Role: Facilitation

Tuesday October 4, 2011
Want to know more about the significant roles that managers and Human Resources staff must play within their organizations? Saturday, I discussed the importance of the manager's role as a ... Read More

Why and How to Use Ice Breakers

Monday October 3, 2011
Interested in using ice breakers to start out your meetings, training classes or team building sessions? Ice breakers have a significant impact on how participants view their experience. A positive, helpful ... Read More

A Manager's Job: Development

Saturday October 1, 2011
Fall always brings a burst of new energy to me. Fall is my favorite season. Employees are back to work, so projects move forward more swiftly. My management development classes ... Read More

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