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How to Make More Money

Friday June 30, 2006
Work is about the money. Work only becomes not about the money when you have sufficient income – however you define sufficient income – to support your chosen life style. ... Read More

You Get What You Request and Reward

Thursday June 29, 2006
Performance management encompasses the development of people within your organization. Performance management includes the entire relationship you have with the people you employ. Performance management is a whole work system ... Read More

Creating a Mentoring Culture

Wednesday June 28, 2006
New Spotlight Article: More than ever before, organizations, large and small, are looking outside traditional mentoring paradigms to raise the bar on the practice of mentoring by creating a ... Read More

Secrets of Leadership Success

Tuesday June 27, 2006
I'm a happy camper today. We hired a new HR Director and a Quality Supervisor, both high quality people who appear to have excellent cultural fit with the company. Of ... Read More

How to Understand Your Current Culture

Monday June 26, 2006
New Spotlight Article: Yesterday I wrote about organizational culture and how organizational culture is formed. The first step in assessing whether your organizational culture supports your goals is to ... Read More

Employee Involvement Matters

Saturday June 24, 2006
According to a new book, The New American Workplace (Compare Prices), much of what James O'Toole and Edward E. Lawler III, the authors, predicted thirty years ago has come true ... Read More

Ten Days to a Happier, More Successful Career and Life

Friday June 23, 2006
”We hold these truths to be self-evident,” said our Founding Fathers. The truths you will discover over the next ten days or lessons are self-evident, too, but they are profoundly ... Read More

Reference Check Tips: Be Prepared

Thursday June 22, 2006
New Spotlight Tip: Prepping your references can make all the difference in whether you get the job you want or not. A positive reference check is a priority in ... Read More

How Effective Is the Communication in Your Organization?

Wednesday June 21, 2006
Some organizations include and update employees regularly. Others hide information. The worst organizations even deceive their employees and hide important information. How do you feel about the communication in your ... Read More

Why You Need Allies at Work

Wednesday June 21, 2006
You can submarine your job and career by the relationships you form at work. No matter your education, experience, or title, if you can't play well with others, you won't ... Read More

Communication Is Key in Change Management

Tuesday June 20, 2006
Something changes in your organization every single day. Right? With this in mind, communication about changes, and communication, in general, is a huge challenge in today's organizations. You cannot over-communicate ... Read More

Change Management Wisdom

Monday June 19, 2006
As the speed of change continues to increase, change management is a fundamental competency needed by managers, supervisors, Human Resources staff, and organization leaders. To tap your wisdom, my recent ... Read More

Blog of the Week

Sunday June 18, 2006
Guy Kawasaki is a literate guy and the father of company evangelism. He writes a pretty interesting blog, too. I was particularly struck by this entry in which he ... Read More

You Can Make Their Day: Ten Tips for the Leader

Saturday June 17, 2006
Today, I debriefed an assignment with a group of managers. They had interviewed their reporting staff members to determine what staff found rewarding and recognizing. Two important factors emerged. My ... Read More

Make Learning Matter: Become a Learning Organization

Friday June 16, 2006
Learning organizations are not the hot topic that they were in recent years, but those of us who work with organizations are dedicated to their survival. Organizations with the best ... Read More

What Great Managers Do Differently

Thursday June 15, 2006
I am reminded frequently that I have several favorite books and research studies. First Break All The Rules: What the World's Greatest Managers Do Differently is one of them. Good ... Read More

Second Interview Tip

Wednesday June 14, 2006
Genentech, Fortune magazine’s pick as the best company to work for in the United States, regards recruiting talented employees as a top priority. Recruiting the “right” employees is a lengthy ... Read More

Five Tips for Effective Employee Recognition

Tuesday June 13, 2006
Discussing employee motivation last week with a group of managers in a client company, the group pinpointed employee recognition as a significant factor in employee motivation. The managers were ... Read More

Poll: What Is Your Conflict Resolution Style?

Monday June 12, 2006
Many people are afraid of conflict resolution. They feel threatened by conflict resolution because they may not get what they want if the other party gets what they want. Even ... Read More

Top Ten Reasons to Quit Your Job

Sunday June 11, 2006
These are the top ten reasons why you might want to quit your current job. These are difficult, if not impossible, work problems to solve. You need to look out ... Read More

How to Make Your Current Job - Work

Saturday June 10, 2006
Are you feeling increasingly unhappy about your job? Do you find yourself day dreaming about other things you could do with the time you spend at work? Do you dread ... Read More

Keys to Team Building Success

Friday June 9, 2006
This next week, I am facilitating a staff retreat and planning session. I'll be using some of my favorite ice breakers and team building activities to make the days successful. ... Read More

Recruit and Hire the Best - Free Email Class

Thursday June 8, 2006
Recruiting the best employees for your organization is an ongoing challenge for every manager, supervisor and Human Resources professional. If you're looking for solid, proven best practices and up-to-the-minute ideas ... Read More

Stick Men in Peril

Thursday June 8, 2006
The flickr web site has a neat pool of stick figures in peril signs that readers are submitting. (flickr bills itself as the best way to store, search, sort, ... Read More

Sample Internet and Email Policy

Wednesday June 7, 2006
New Policy: This is a sample simple, straightforward email and Internet policy. Please utilize the policy to form the basis for your work email and Internet policies. This policy ... Read More

Big Brother Is Watching

Tuesday June 6, 2006
Too few employees seem to understand that your company owns and has access to any communication you make from the company premises with the outside world. Recently, several employees gave ... Read More

Hostile Environment Claims – Not Limited

Monday June 5, 2006
New Spotlight Article: Most employers are aware of problems related to and have adopted policies prohibiting sexual harassment. An employer who limits its anti-harassment efforts to claims of sexual ... Read More

Business and Social Networking for Career Success

Sunday June 4, 2006
Many people think of business or social networking as circulating around a room and exchanging business cards. But a broader view of business and social networking is that it creates ... Read More

Do Effective Background Checks

Saturday June 3, 2006
Checking candidate references and talking with former employers is one of the most important background checks we do before hiring a new employee. I have the distinct impression that our ... Read More

No Second Chance at First Impressions

Friday June 2, 2006
New Spotlight Article: In the talent management universe, the new employee orientation and mainstreaming process is known as “employee onboarding.” Keeping in mind that you never get a second ... Read More

Training Needs Assessment

Thursday June 1, 2006
Training needs assessment to develop an individual training plan for each employee in your company will help you build a superior workforce. That's my goal this year in a client ... Read More

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