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Susan M. Heathfield

Do You Post Salary in Job Postings?

By May 26, 2014

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Do you put the salary for the job in your job postings, either your online job postings or in other venues?

This debate about putting salary in job postings becomes more important as job applicants are willing to settle just to have a job. This could cause retention chaos as jobs become more available or motivation damage for people who are under-employed, under-utilized, and bored.

The Debate About Salary in Job Postings

Employers argue that not supplying the salary range gives them more flexibility in considering a wide range of candidates, especially in cases where they may have some flexibility. Some also believe that the first party to supply a number in a salary negotiation is in the weaker negotiating postion. Job applicants argue that they don't want to waste their time applying for jobs that pay outside of the salary range which they require.

Applicants say that an online job application for an employer's applicant tracking system can take an hour or more to fill out. So, it is unfair to withhold salary information that would have helped them decide whether to apply. It's one thing to enter a resume online, but entirely different to fill out an application, participate in interviews, and more, for a position that he or she cannot afford to accept.

Another piece, when you hire an employee, to the salary negotiation puzzle is that employers frequently ask candidates to provide either their current salary or their expected compensation with the application.

I have seen all sorts of advice about how to respond to this request. But, the reality is that, if the employer asks for this information with the application, the application is not valid, and the applicant need not be considered, without supplying it.

I can see all sides of this debate and have taken positions on both sides in the past. The online job application world has made me rethink much of what I believe, however, because of the time job applicants invest. I now lean toward believing that employers should supply salary information, albeit a broad range, in job postings. Your arguments have convinced me. Can you convince me otherwise?

Poll About Salary in Job Postings

So, what's your opinion? Do you include salary on your job postings, or not - and why? Is "competitive salary and above average benefits" enough to attract the most qualified applicants? Please vote in my poll so we can all see current thinking.

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