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Susan M. Heathfield

Trust HR? Never

By May 23, 2014

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Some employees hate Human Resources. I am reminded as another reader comments with thoughts about the comments on the article, Still Hate HR? I bring these comments forward as they present a prevalent point of view that I believe all of us should know.

For everyone who loves HR, there are an equivalent number of people who feel differently. A reader, So Far So Good, says:

"Eh...I have to agree with the article. I have never, ever - not once in my entire career - had a positive experience with HR.

"In one example, I was in the darkroom at work when a male employee came up behind me and ground himself against my back. I told HR, who then called the male employee in and asked him about it right in front of me. Then I started getting micromanaged to death and getting called in until I looked at each new workday with dread and finally left.

In another example, our VP wanted to make budget cuts and decided my position was no longer fiscally justifiable. Instead of being fair about it and working out a way for me to leave gracefully, he put me on probation without any basis for doing so.

"I don't know about anyone in HR, but I was always told that the burden of proof is on the accuser. If HR is going to be effective in this scenario, they have to learn that there are two sides and be savvy enough to read between the lines and make sure all are treated fairly. I was completely confident that my VP was lying (he has since been fired) in order to circumnavigate the process of laying someone off and save the company some dough.

"When the probation didn't provide the results he wanted, he told my boss that he 'didn't do it right' and to put me on probation again. HR acted as an extension of him and enabled his harassment by allowing this behavior without any documented instance for why it was a valid course of action.


"You will never be treated 'fairly' by HR. If you are being mistreated or harassed, you'll be making waves by saying a peep. All going to HR does is flag yourself as someone who needs to be swimming with the fishies, not helped out.

"Try it. Go to HR and let them know that there is anything slightly out of the desired norm and watch how fast you get on their radar and drummed out of town."

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