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Susan M. Heathfield

Intolerable Work Situation - Bad Boss

By May 18, 2014

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Dear Susan,

I work for a small business owner. The owner is going through a divorce and frankly is undiagnosed ADHD. His stress level is high, his behavior is more than unacceptable, but for now, I need a job to pay bills. Well, I've decided I definitely want a new job. However, I can't give this one up until I have a new one, because I need some kind of money coming in.

I've accomplished more in this work, than anyone else has, and have created a beginning ops manual and solved some long standing problems. I'm not trained, nothing is explained. If I do something "wrong," because I don't know either what the procedure is or how my boss likes something done, he screams at me and calls me "a f***ing idiot." In fact, he calls me that so often, were I a different person, I could start believing it was my name.

Eager to do something on the computer this week, he tried to shove me off my chair, to get at the computer. I had to explain, that all he need to do was ask me to move, politely and I would. He opened a file door in a hurry and slammed it into my knee. But yesterday was the worst.

I went for my lunch hour walk. (I do love walking the Groton Banks and I'm up to a mile and a half now!) I came back to the office to screaming. He'd lost a file and the home office didn't have a piece of the contract. Since the file had been done months before I started working for him, I shouldn't be held accountable for someone else's work. He ran around screaming and the whole office went searching everywhere for the lost file that was never found.

I figured out the piece we need, called the client and nonchalently asked the appropriate questions that needed to be answered and since our fax wasn't working ran downstairs and faxed from a realty office.

The offending part of this horrible fire drill was when I said I never had that file on my desk and he turned around to me and screamed. I do mean rattle the windows screamed. "I'll f***ing slam your head through the wall if you say that. I had the file last night working at your desk and then I had it in my office."

I'm going to be revamping my resume and sending anywhere I can. I feel badly for the man. There are severe problems, that could be addressed in his company to make lots of money, and he's going through a nasty divorce, but that is uncalled for.

However on the bright side... I do like the actual "tasks", when my life isn't in danger from his unawareness of other people around him, or his threats. I did tell him that kind of behavior was unacceptable, btw. Not that it did anything more than have him scream more.

Any suggestions?

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