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Values and Beliefs Are the Foundation

By December 31, 2013

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This is the most difficult note that I write each year. Because this is the last day of the year, I'd like to say something interesting, profound and memorable. Yet, the truth is, if I haven't accomplished that already this year, on some level with you, how would I expect to start today?

So, I'll simply extend my gratitude to you for reading my HR site. Without you, my efforts to contribute to forward thinking HR, management, and employer practices would be for naught. So, a grateful toast to you today, my readers... for joy in the New Year.

Earlier in my consulting career, I was frustrated by my inability to reach more people who wanted to explore new ways to work with others in workplaces. This site at About.com has provided me with the outreach ability that I sought, to both share with you and learn from you. I hope that my work, and our interaction, bring you great value. They do me.

I'll share with you also today several of the principles in which I believe and that form the foundation for the content on the site.

Deeply-Held, Foundational Beliefs

  • In a workplace, we are all equal. We just have different jobs and callings through which we are challenged to add value every day.

  • We operate from our own value system. These values profoundly affect everything that we do or say. Thus, identifying and living our values is crucial.

See the rest of the values, beliefs, and principles that form the foundation for this website.

Values and beliefs form the underpinnings, the foundation, for the work that each of us does. I've shared with you some of the values and beliefs that form the foundation for the approaches to working with, employing, and managing people that I advocate on this website.

You may share some of my values and beliefs. You may disagree. You certainly have values and beliefs of your own that form the foundation for your own work. Please share yours. What do you believe in and value that forms the foundation for your own work?

And, while you're visiting, these are my top 10 recommended resolutions for your possible New Year. The experts at About.com can help you make them happen: Ring in Your Happiest, Most Successful New Year - ever.

Travel safely over the holidays, and make 2014 the year in which you make all of your dreams come true. Enjoy your New Year.

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December 31, 2013 at 2:48 pm
(1) Raven says:

Yes, it’s very important to make sure your employees are being nurtured in the workplace and not just acting as drones fulfilling your commands. For a vibrant work life, they have to feel a sense of purpose and the ability to make a creative contribution. I definitely agree with the idea of a book club at work. Bravo.

“Padre!,” by Raven Moore, is a great book that entertains while teaching the importance of understanding how others shape their identities. Any great business, seeking to expand globally, should understand exactly who they are working with culturally and personally.

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