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Avoid Work Holiday Party Gaffes

By December 2, 2013

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Friends are reporting holiday parties as early as this weekend, so it's time to roll out my favorite article about holiday celebrations at work-related events.

My top seven office party gaffes emphasizes way more than drinking too much, which is a common holiday blunder.

I've seen employees do every one of these, some at a great detriment to their careers and reputation. I remember when two employees, both married, commenced an affair following an office party. No matter how quiet they tried to keep their involvement, the company was not that large; people knew and people gossiped about the affair.

Both of their professional reputations suffered grave blows. The problem was that no matter what else you thought about their qualifications, skills, and contributions, you also never forgot about the judgment they exhibited in pursuing their fling.

Make the best of your holiday office party season. Use the company get-togethers to enhance your professional reputation and help your spouse or significant other get to know your coworkers and managers. (It's nice for them to have a face in mind when you talk about work at home and home at work.)

Readers' Stories About Holiday Blunders

While you visit the article, stop in to visit my reader responses. Readers have been sharing the top office party blunders that they have experienced. One reader experience that I share in the above linked article (think nude and climbing a water tower) is so over the top, I'd like to think that it never happened - but, it's so over the top, that it may have.

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More About Work and the Holidays

December 19, 2013 at 7:00 am
(1) Peter says:

I never turn up to any office sales get togethers. When they try and question me I forcefully change the subject.
It’s a challenge I quite enjoy.

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