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Mulling Money? Time to Ask for a Pay Raise?

By November 20, 2013

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Want to ask for a pay raise? Several readers have written recently asking me how to go about asking for a pay raise. You can ask for a raise but there are considerations as you prepare.

If pay raises are on hold, keep in mind that you risk looking like you're not a team player when you ask for a pay raise under those circumstances. Especially if your company is in any kind of trouble or laying off employees, I'd wait a few months to ask for a pay raise to see if your company's prospects improve.

I think the answer to the original question about pay raises shares a lot of similarity with an article I wrote about how to pitch or negotiate a flexible work schedule.

The tried and true continues to work when you ask for a pay raise. Even in tough times, you start by researching your salary against what the market is paying people with your job and your responsibilities. If you have experienced any of these work events, asking for a pay raise is legitimate and expected.

  • You were promoted to a higher level position.

  • You took on new and substantial responsibilities. Note that I didn't say: took on more work. In this time of layoffs and negative decisions about replacing staff, everyone is doing more work.

  • You doubled the number of reporting employees that you supervise.

  • You took over the leadership of a project on which you had been a participant.

Without a qualifying work event, you may need these extra pay raise ideas for this economic climate.

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