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Do Employment Background Checks

By October 26, 2013

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Are background checks currently part of your hiring process? If not, they should be.

A client company experienced a serious problem with employee theft. It took several months for the inventory numbers to reveal the extent of the theft.

Video cameras kept missing the thieves because they were storing products in the bathroom ceilings until they had a chance to remove them from the premises.

Theft was so rampant that a March of Dimes jar full of donations was stolen off of a supervisor's desk - located just outside the camera's viewing area.

When the thieves were discovered they were all fired. But, this is not a problem the company should have faced.

In retrospect, the key employee who stole from the employer would have flunked background checks in three areas. He was on probation. He owed restitution for the crime he had committed (nearly $100,000). His bill paying history was bad news because of the amount of his required restitution.

A background check of his criminal history and his credit record may have caused the employer to make a different choice (the employer was giving him a chance). But, the extent of his problems were never revealed because the employer took him at his word and never did a background check.

A backroud check should be a constant in any hiring process. You just never know who you're hiring and job interviews, while informative, are not the only tool you should be using to know your potential employees - before you hire them.

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June 29, 2011 at 11:40 pm
(1) Will says:

Too many companies, especially in this financial environment, are forgoing background checks in favor of using the money elsewhere. In my opinion, workplace safety should be the priority – both in terms of your company and your staff. Make background checks a priority, otherwise you may (as many businesses have found out) live to regret it.

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