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Looking at Jobs in HR Management?

By September 26, 2013

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Lately, my email and the HR Forum are full of questions from people who want to pursue careers and jobs in Human Resources management. Most questions center on how to best guarantee jobs in HR management as a result of the recommended actions or in the future.

The most frequent questions revolve around how to prepare for jobs in HR management and how to transition into HR from another field. I tell these writers that in Human Resources, like in any other career, some minimum requirements exist to enter the field.

But, HR transition stories abound. And, each person has the opportunity, once in HR, to continue to develop the necessary skills and experiences as they work in HR management jobs, gain experience, and are promoted into higher level, more responsible roles.

So, jobs in HR management are possible, and these additional, longer, wonderful reader stories about transitioning into jobs in HR management hold out hope and help for those seeking jobs in HR management.

Learn About Jobs in HR Management

Readers often ask me also to review their resumes (sorry, I don't have the time; I receive hundreds every year), tell me about HR job prospects in their area (sorry, impossible for me to keep tabs on job prospects worldwide), and what school to attend to prepare (sorry, I am not familiar with all schools, schools in your area, or what would best fit you). Lots of sorries. Right?

I really do care about helping my readers, but I care more about your getting the best possible information about jobs in HR management that will serve you well given where you are located, and your personal goals and personal vision for your career.

With this in mind, here is how you can learn more about jobs in HR management that are specific to your experience, education, and locale.

In another frequently asked question, learn about coming to the US for jobs in HR management.

Any other thoughts for readers who want to find jobs and careers in HR management? Please share them.

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