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Susan M. Heathfield

Secrets to More Money

By September 25, 2013

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The scenario that work is not about the money has been touted by consultants and others for years.

The virtues of other workplace facets including company culture, reward and recognition, and being happy at work have been placed center field and extolled. The answer is yes. However, work is about the money until you have enough money to fulfill your basic needs. Then, the other factors come into play.

Although Maslow's triangle has been somewhat discredited in recent years, the basic premise still makes sense. People are not looking to self-actualize until a whole lot of other needs are met first. These include basic needs for food, shelter, water, safety, and socialization.

You can maximize your lifetime income potential and make more money. One of the key factors in accomplishing this is to earn a Bachelors degree. The best jobs require a degree and your lifetime income potential is double with the degree according to Robert Longley, About's U.S. Government Information editor. And, if not earning a degree, because not all degrees are equally employable, and not all degrees actually prepare a person to do something, learn a skill.

Why set goals for anything less for yourself and your children?

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