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Set No Little Goals

By January 2, 2013

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My first experience of setting big goals was many years ago. I was making about $35,000 a year in a job. I listened to a Brian Tracy tape series about the power of creating success and achievement.

He said to write down my most important goals, that the mere fact of writing them down gave the goals a power they would not otherwise have.

In response, I wrote down several goals. I wanted to make $45,000 a year. I wanted to be a published writer. And, I wanted to start my own business. I tossed the index card into my desk drawer and forgot all about it - for years.

Years later, when my husband and I were moving, I found the card. Guess what? I had exceeded my written goals and dreams. The memory makes me smile. These had been big, scary goals for me at the time.

Is goal achievement as easy as writing down your goals? No, but writing down your goals is one of the first steps. Writing down your goals feels like a commitment. And, it is, to your success and happiness.

If you don't write down your goals, then, at least, point some of your thoughts in the direction of what you'd like to accomplish this year. Many successful entrepreneurs, for example, don't write down their goals, but they are definite about the direction in which they are headed - and they don't stray far from it.

Day four of the Ten Days to a Happier, More Successful Career and Life program emphasizes the six steps that you must take to make your dreams and purpose a reality. No little goals, right? It's time to chart your path. How will you accomplish these big goals that you are developing for yourself?

See Achieve Your Dreams: Six Steps to Accomplish Your Goals and Resolutions.

Want additional thoughts? Take a look at Beyond Traditional SMART Goals.

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