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Susan M. Heathfield

Help With Supervisor Who Shares Confidential Information?

By September 14, 2007

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Can you help this reader out? Her supervisor shares confidential information, sends her religious propaganda, promotes employees spying on each other, and makes false statements about her. She's afraid to go to HR.

To fellow readers: "I've discovered this week, by fellow co-workers that my Supervisor gave them information concerning my performance review, and other 'confidential' information. These employees did not have a need to know. It was confidential information that she used to make fun of me to my co-workers. A direct violation of the company's Code of Ethics.

"She has sat in on interviews with some of my co-workers and comes back to discuss how awful they did on their interviews, laughing and making fun of them. She knows I'm not religious, yet sent me an e-mail at work describing how I can read the books of the bible more quickly and efficiently? Which, I found to be highly disrespectful and inappropriate for a professional atmosphere. She encourages, even outright asks her employees to spy on each other. Promoting a hostile environment with little to no trust.

"People in the department are so fed up with her, that they're applying for any posting that comes up, just to get out of her department.

"I could really go on and on in lengthy detail, but I'll spare you. I've never been one to complain. I even try to eat my cold french fries from McDonalds with a smile. But, I'm deeply hurt and disturbed by this supervisor. I no longer have any trust or respect for her. She's diminishing my image based on false statements. I've received glowing reviews from every supervisor I've ever worked for. When she hired me for the position, she flat told me, she 'didn't want me, but needed my experience.'

"She's a 30 year veteran with the company, and I'm terrified of going to HR about her. I screen printed the chats of the employees who told me about her violations of my 'confidentiality.' I've also screen printed chats of employees who tell me I do a 'GREAT' job, in contradiction to her claims. I've printed the religious e-mails she's sent me. I've slowly been trying to grasp at any proof I can. But, I'm worried that no matter how much proof I have of her unsuitable supervision, the company will not discharge her; and leave me with a disgruntled supervisor that already doesn't like me.

"Is it worth going to HR about? Please Help! I love the company I work for, and have worked very hard to protect my image as a team player, and one who doesn't complain. I'd hate to ruffle feathers, if it's not going to do any good. Thank you!!!!

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