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Genentech, Fortune magazine's pick as the best company to work for in the United States, regards recruiting talented employees as a top priority. Recruiting the "right" employees is a lengthy process that can include a candidate returning to the company to interview five-six times. A candidate may participate in as many as 20 - 25 interviews. I'll bet other best companies approach employee selection with just as much care. I know that, especially at the management or executive level, I invite candidates back at least four times. This enables the hiring manager to meet with the candidate three times. I don't know how anyone can make a good hiring decision after an hour of interaction. How about you? Please let me know what you think in "comments" below.

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"Be unreasonable. The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man." --George Bernard Shaw
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